Selecting A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

012Your design sensibility can change with time, and the availability of better accessories and materials may inspire you to go for a bathroom remodel contractor. Bathroom remodels on some factors like the need for more space, your budget and whether you want a full or partial remodeling. You may simply want to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower or just opt for better fittings that have worn out over time.

It is not possible to undertake a bathroom remodel by yourself, and it makes sense to hire an experienced contractor or firm for the same. Preferably, select a contractor registered with the local Better Business Bureau or one referred by family or friends. They remodel the bathroom quickly, at affordable rates and without disrupting the rest of the house and your routine. The firm must adhere to high standards of quality and offer full value for money. They must give a warranty on the products like bathtubs and offer satisfaction regarding their installation and maintenance services.

To start with, first, decide whether you want to remodel the full bathroom or a part of it. Contact the contractor who will send an expert to assess the area, give you an estimate of the cost of materials and labor and the approximate time taken for the project. You can negotiate and bring down the labor charges a bit. However, it is better to take estimates from at least two contractors to get an idea of the market rate before you finalize at least one of them. If you have the time, you can buy the materials, the fittings, and the flooring tiles yourself or leave it to the contractor.

Bathroom remodel contractors offer a wide range of bathtubs in different styles and colors including ones fitted with jets and deep soaking tubs. You can pick one matching your color scheme in a material that retains luster, is scratch-resistant and easy to clean for many years to come. You can opt for a walk in shower; a see through shower with glass panels or a simple shower panel. Ensure that you place grab bars strategically in the shower area or near the bathtub to avoid slipping.

Most contractors will offer matching options for flooring and the bathroom walls regarding color schemes and materials. You can also opt for vanity cabinets or tops if you have enough space in the bathroom. A good contractor should suggest the best materials for you that do not cost the earth but is still aesthetic.

Suppose you decide to replace the bathtub with a new one, the expert will first remove the old bathtub without damaging the surrounding area and check for seepage and the state of the existing plumbing. He should ideally treat the area with waterproofing material or install a backer board that prevents the growth of molds and mildew. He will check the leveling of the floor and make changes in the plumbing and the flooring if necessary. Finally, he will install the new bathtub and accessories as per the remodeling plan. Thus, choosing a good remodeling bathroom contractor ensures that you get a beautiful bathroom and value for money too.