A Brief Review Of APEC Water Systems – Designed For Performance, Durability And Reliability

The APEC reverse osmosis drinking water filter system is quite powerful. This particular unit operates by minimizing common pollutants present in drinking water by up to 99%. This revolutionary gadget filters the water in 5 different stages and can successfully treat all kinds of water. Furthermore, the filters provide a much longer lifespan than what you will typically find with competitive models within this budget.

Installing the APEC System

Performance and Specs

With enhanced durability, in line with the manufacturer, the APEC water systems just require being changed two times a year. This filtration system has much more to offer as compared to the typical filtration system and due to this, it obtained a fairly remarkable customer rating.

Once you buy this system you may forget about constantly purchasing bottled water for the whole family. Rather, enjoy a safe drinking water supply that is easily obtainable and free of pollutants. These hazardous impurities include fluoride, selenium, copper, lead, and arsenic. This system additionally works to eliminate an array of organic chemical substances. Getting rid of these dangerous chemicals will not only make it safe to drink your tap water, but it will likely have a significant effect on the taste itself.

The APEC water systems use a total of 5 different phases along the way to purify the water. The first stage eliminates rust as well as dust particles. Both the 2nd and 3rd stages will eliminate chlorine and other forms of damaging chemicals which can affect the taste as well as the smell of the water. The following stage eliminates components as radium, chromium, and lead. The final phase will eradicate any residual waste material.

Most of the features present in this system are quite similar to those you will find in some other water filtration systems. The feed water pressure range of this system is at 40 to 90 PSI and the water temperature will vary from 40 to 120 degrees. It is also capable of filtering an amazing 50 gallons of water each day at 60 PSI.

Furthermore, the device works well with all kinds of water. It can treat both tap and well water and is able to deal with water with different PH levels.

Pros: Every 1000 gallons or following a period of 6 months you will require changing the filter. Most customers were satisfied with this sort of extensive lifespan, since many identical products need a filter change on a monthly basis, the expense of which can really tally up. Buyers also adored the general design of this particular system which is actually an under the counter model that functions by connecting under the sink directly. Measuring in at just 16 inches wide and 26 pounds in weight, the sleek and stylish design does not take up a lot of space and will very easily fit most of the cabinet sizes.

Cons: This product obtained mainly positive reviews; nevertheless, there were a few consumers that claimed that while their package arrived the adapter of the filter came up missing. To fix this problem get in touch with the customer care who will be more than pleased to mail off an alternative component.


The APEC water systems have the capacity to easily generate clean and tasty water that is risk-free to drink. The 5 stage procedure works on all types of water and moreover, the whole process from setting up to maintenance involves very little work. Customers gave this particular model a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for effortless installation, reduced maintenance requirements, costs and overall quality, making the model one of the top quality products on the market.

Pure Water for Your Home

dsc06942-bWhole house water filter written by: PattiePolly

Each one of us looks forward to leading a healthy and active life. However, modern day life is stressful due to a variety of factors. Pollution is a major factor that has encompassed almost all aspects of our daily living. It has impacted our lives to such an extent that even drinking water is no longer safe. The water you drink is full of impurities and contaminants that can harm your health. This is precisely why you should take necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Water is essential not just for survival but also for other purposes like washing, bathing, cooking, etc. Hence it is important that invest in a whole house water filter so that it can protect you and your family. Here is why you should consider installing a whole house water filter system in order to avail guaranteed clean water for every requirement you have in your household.


Choosing the Whole House Water Filter System Best For You


There are a variety of filter systems that you can choose from and the main deciding point should be the answer if the house in which you are going to install it is rented or owned; for rented houses you will require whole filter systems that can be removed when you decide to move while for your own home you can invest in the more expensive types that are advantageous in the long run and do not need removing.


Whole house water filter are installed directly in the pipe at the source from where water is supplied to the entire house and can cost anywhere from $99 to a few thousand dollars depending on the brand, type, size and life span it carries. All filters need changing periodically and that needs to be taken in calculation when you decide on any one type, as that can cost you considerable taking in account that the flow of water through this filter of higher than that from just a tap and an inexpensive whole house water filter will probably makes its money in the filter replacements.


Benefit of Clean Healthy Water Everyday

Having a filter system will put your mind at ease anytime you choose to use the water whether it is for drinking purposes, washing or cleaning and the impact will soon be felt in the taste of the water, healthier skin, soft hair and better functioning appliances. All these benefits from the whole house water filter system will in fact add to your savings as you don’t need to buy bottled water, expensive lotion for treating your skin problems, masks and treatments for your hair and not to mention maintaining and repairing appliances such as the washing machine or dish washer, which can cost an arm and a leg.


Another good part is that the water that gets to go back into the drains is also free of chemicals, minerals and bacteria, which means you are protecting the environment as well. Whole house filtration systems offer many benefits when compared to other filtration systems. Firstly, it is very efficient and also quite affordable in comparison to other systems in the market place, hence making it very attractive for people to buy a whole house water filter.

Just by filtering drinking water you will not be able to contain water contaminants airborne in your home. What you need is an efficient Whole house water filter that can help in get rid of these contaminants and keep the air in your home safe and healthy.